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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP provides us with a set of tools that allows us to examine our beliefs and patterns (programs)

What is NLP?

NLP is the acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is often described as ‘the user’s manual to the mind’ and allows us to understand the way in which we think, why we do what we do, and how we can do things better.

Imagine your mind is your own personal computer. Your computer is constantly running a number of programs that were programmed based on your past experiences. These programs cause you to think, communicate and behave in certain ways in response to the situations you encounter in your life. Unfortunately, over time these programs can become outdated and no longer serve you in what you want to achieve.

When we become aware of how we currently think, communicate and behave and the impact this has on ourselves and other people, we are able to change these aspects to help us achieve more of what we want in life. We can effectively re-program our minds so that our new ‘software’ is aligned with our new beliefs. Our new programs replace the old programs so that our thinking, communication style and behaviour all align with who we want to be.

I use NLP to help people to change these old programs so that they can explore new perspectives and possibilities in life. I also teach people easy to use tools and techniques to help them feel better and think in better ways.

If you would like to find out more about how I may help you, call me on 07768 183543 or drop me an email. I offer a free initial 30 minute consultation either over the telephone or face to face.

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